Hello Dear, I'm happy you chose me!

I'm Andrea Schvart, I live with my family in Germany. I got to know HLBS in March 2020 when a former colleague contacted me by phone. I liked the products mainly because they are 100% natural and I am allergic to parabens and nickel.

My right hand, especially my elbow, works a lot during my work. I have been looking for a solution to joint pain for months, which also appeared in the form of a small bulge in my elbow. Lying on the couch after work, watching TV, the pain on my arm came out of nowhere, sometimes to my wrist. Unfortunately, although I smeared it with pharmacy creams for this, I didn't notice any improvement, not even for a short time.

Since I couldn't finish my job, I definitely had to find a solution and finally decided to try the products. It was the LH + spray and the HC80 capsule that increased the pain on days 3 and 4, but then the 5th night went by and it has not hurt since then !!! The little bulge is still in my elbow, but it seems to be getting smaller.

My daughter is 15 years old, she sits a lot: or studies at school, or plays on the computer, or studies at the desk, so she had a little surplus. For him I bought Immune Shot to strengthen and protect your immune system. I had no other goal with it. He only consumed it and about 3 weeks later we noticed that it was like she was leaner. The following week they also noticed at school that she had become prettier and apparently had lost weight, even though she had not changed her eating habits! We later found that L-Carnitine was in Immune Shot due to the beneficial effects. Since then I have tried several products and since I have only had good experiences, I am happy to recommend them to my family, relatives, acquaintances and you too!


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